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Friday, February 5, 2016

Christmas Festivities 2015

Christmas Eve, Grace was beside herself with excitement.  We went to church at the Children's Mass where we watched my students participate in a Christmas pageant.  The priest there is so inclusive of the children in the congregation and invites them to participate in the celebrations as much as possible.  So when Grace was allowed to carry up a sheep to the altar to display at the crèche, she was thrilled!  We finished Mass and headed over to my brother's house for dinner and a short visit. 
Once home, it took some coaching to get my munchkin up the stairs and into her bed.  She had many questions about how the whole "Night Before Christmas" would unfold.  I tried to answer them as best I could but she was concerned.  She wanted to be sure that Santa would not be coming upstairs to our bedrooms and that the reindeer would stay outside.  These were worrisome moments for her and I reassured her that the night would be fine as I laid down beside her on her bed.  Once in bed however, her excitement returned and the minute her head hit the pillow, she bolted upright. 
 "Why he's not coming Mommy?"
I almost fell off the bed laughing!!!  "Well Grace, it's only 8:00 and Santa only comes when everyone is asleep."  She asked again several more times, telling me she "thinks she hears something"  Too funny!  These were precious moments that I'm glad to have recorded here so the memory stays vivid!
Christmas morning was early but not too early thankfully!  Grace and I spent a bit of time admiring the presents, checking out our stockings and her trying on her new high heels!  Here are the photo highlights

Just before Christmas I arranged for Grace to go to the Dollar store with a friend's daughter.  I gave her some money in her purse and off she went to do her Christmas shopping for Mommy!!  Secretly I watched through the window a bit, seeing her at the check-out, handing up her gift, getting out her money.  It was all so grown-up and I was so excited to see what she might choose for me. 
Here she is holding her present that she wrapped herself, so proud of herself!!!!  I loved my Christmas themed water cup!
Don't mind the chocolate face... she had been into her stocking treats obviously!!!

High heels and her guitar were the biggest hits this Christmas!!!

It took a while to warm up to her new kitten.  She's still not sure about it!

I've never met a kid who loves music as much as Grace.  She truly spends much of her waking hours singing, playing instruments and just making music.  I so hope it continues and pays off for her one day.  Maybe I have a budding rock star!!

A new back pack for school.  She pretty much destroyed her first one in three and a half months!  Before Grace, I never understood why parents bought new back packs for school each year.  I just couldn't figure it out, why don't they just use the same one again?  Well, now I know!

Painting Grandma's nails on Christmas morning with her new nail polish

Happy birthday Jesus!!

cousin love! 

Auntie love!
The Boxing Day hike through Grandpa and Grandma's forest.  It's becoming an annual tradition, everyone that's hanging around heading out for a winter walk.  Or at least everyone that can be convinced to leave a couch!  The past couple of years it's been so mild and snowless it's been more like an Autumn walk. I don't mind snow, really I don't, enjoy it on a sunny February day for sure, but secretly I have no problem with a green Christmas.  I don't know why, I just like it, cool weather but dry.  So I was happy, no snow, just frozen ground and bare trees!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

More Christmas preparations

Christmas is such a busy time of year, it takes two posts before we even get to the actual holiday! 
Grace and I don't do Elf on a Shelf but we do get a visit each year from Elfie.  Elfie helps Santa at the North Pole but comes to visit us for a few weeks before Christmas.  He gets up to all sorts of silly adventures, watches Grace and finds all the great things Grace does.  Then each night while we sleep, Elfie leaves us a note telling us what he noticed.  Unlike Elf on the Shelf, he doesn't report to Santa and we can cuddle him all we want!  Here's some of the silly things Elfie got up to over the weeks before Christmas.

Checking out Grace's Advent calendar, yummy

Funny idea from my friend Catherine.....Grace woke up one morning to find all her socks and underwear on the tree!  Elfie up to his antics! 

Writing her letter to Santa.  Grace asked for a guitar, a yo-yo, and high heels!

We went to Breakfast with Santa one Saturday morning and guess who we saw??  The principal from Grace's school!  She thought that was the funniest part of the day!lol

Grandpa's Christmas concert.  Grace decided to join in!

Making cookies for Santa

Grace's gingerbread cookie that she made at school. She thought it looked delicious!

So we kept up our tradition of making a birthday cake for Jesus, however Mommy forgot to buy enough eggs.  So off we went next door on Christmas morning.  Grace loves visiting our elderly neighbours, Dan and Erna.  She was adorable, wearing her chef hat and apron, knocking on their door asking for an egg!  Of course we had to go inside for a few minutes and visit, wishing them a Merry Christmas.

Christmas Day nap on the way to Grandma and Grandpa's

Decorating the Birthday cake.  The kids like sparkles ~ wait till you see the finished product!

Doesn't that look tasty??!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Preparations 2015

The story of Christmas 2015 will have to span over a few posts, it was so busy!!!!  Grace had a great time getting into the Christmas spirit, and as much as I thought 3 year olds experiencing Christmas was the best thing in life, 4 year olds are even better!!! 
Here are a few highlights of the early preparations.

Our first attempt at a Santa visit this year.  Here we are at the fundraising fair at the hospital.  I was excited thinking we might have success.  Santa was in a room all by himself, no loud noises, no lights, no other people.  No line up and only $2 to take your picture with the big guy.  Mrs. Clause met us at the doorway and that was it.  She was just so unhappy to be anywhere near him!  Thankfully it got better as the weeks went on!

Santa Claus parade #1. 

Santa Claus parade #2 and 3.  As much as I like our town's night time parade, I like to see one in the daytime as well.  I figure it's free entertainment and Grace will only be totally into it for another 4-5 years max so we went to three!  The third one was actually by accident but enjoyed just the same, especially since my sister in law and nephew were in one of the bands!

Grace and I went to a Christmas festival in a small town.  It was a very mild evening which made it so enjoyable.  Grace's favourite part of course was the music.  She danced the night away on the street!

Funny enough, after all the screaming about Santa a few weeks back, that night at the festival, she walked in and climbed right up on Santa's knee, happy as anyone!  I will never figure this girl out!!lol

Getting the Christmas tree from Grandpa's back field and driving the Gator!

Santa Train fun.  Still not too sure about the big guy!

Writing her letter to Santa.  She asked for high heels (lol!!) a guitar and a yo-yo.  Well rounded wish list I think!

More photos and stories to come!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas concert 2015

So, I feel like I've waited my whole life for this moment.  My daughter's first Christmas concert at school, a rite of passage for any mom.  It was so worth the wait! 

For weeks Grace has told me about the upcoming concert, where I was to sit, who should come, how it would all go down behind the curtain before the show started.  One thing she was a little confused about however was when her opportunity would come to talk with the microphone.  She repeatedly informed me that she would be talking with the microphone, demonstrating what she would say to the audience.  Naturally as you can imagine I was a little nervous as the curtain opened but thankfully Grace was no where near a microphone!!!lol

You may notice a few things throughout the video - she knew exactly where my mom and I were sitting and looks right at us, especially when she felt she needed to point out our friends sitting in another part of the gym.  So funny to see her trying to talk to me while on stage, pointing.  Eventually she joined in the singing of the Hippopotamus song!

We ended the evening with a trip to "Old McDonald's" for a coffee and treat.  Grace was exhausted falling into bed late, but still had a hard time getting to sleep as she was so excited about her stage debut! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

50 Years - So Much to be Thankful For

Thanksgiving weekend.  So much to be thankful for, beautiful weather, good food, my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and of course all the blessings that have passed through my life in the past year.
On the Saturday, my parents celebrated 50 years of marriage with a get together and dinner for the original wedding party and our family.  Almost everyone made it and it was funny to think of the ring bearer and flower girl, now in their fifties!!!  Reflecting on 50 years of marriage is a little mind boggling in this modern world.  Walking down the aisle is the easy part.  It's the walk through life, with its ups and downs that makes 50 years of marriage such an awesome adventure.  Thinking of the joys and struggles they have surely faced together, those we may know about and those that are private to only them, and they have stayed strong through it all.  It is a testament of their love and their commitment to each other and our family.  
Everyone had a great dinner and great visit.  We had a family photo done down by the pond that will hopefully be a nice memory of the day.
Sunday, we got back together again to celebrate Thanksgiving.  The weather was fantastic and we were able to spend time outside hiking and taking photos and just enjoying our beautiful Autumn. 
Like usual, Grace was up to her typical antics, climbing and refusing to actually pose for any of what in my head were going to be great shots.  She certainly makes me work for my photos!!!lol  Here's a snapshot of the weekend below minus the family photo because of course we were all in it!  Hopefully I will figure out how to scan it wirelessly and post it sometime soon.

Love this photo!!!!


She is such a daredevil but like her mom, Grace is not one for heights.  It took a lot of courage for her to climb this fence like this!

This is the first climb, a little shaky!