I've been waiting...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Picnic Time

Two years ago tonight, I was scared and sleepless in a hotel room in Nanjing, waiting to meet my little firecracker!!!  If I had only known what I was really in for I would have been more scared!!!LOL 
Celebrating our Forever Family Day tomorrow with a picnic and a play at Grace's favourite local park.  It has a sand pit that she loves and we are sure to make sand cakes and pizzas and soup until bedtime.  Can't wait for a good play date with my girl!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Santa's Village

I can't believe I never got around to posting this but back in July Grace and I had a great time camping at Santa's Village with friends.  Picture 15 of us, four families all with young kids, camping amongst 3 cabins.  It was a little hectic, a little chaotic but a lot of fun!  Here are the highlights!
Here we are, heading out!

The whole gang, or least most of them, heading to the pool while Lisa and I prepared lunch



"My brother can be so weird!"

Campfire fun.  I lead the group in singing Christmas songs of course!!

Grace insisted on bringing Santa to the campfire!lol

Look who arrived at our campground in the morning!  The kids were so excited even though most of them would not go anywhere near him!

Notice Grace in her "flight" stance!  I think she wanted to be ready to run if she needed to!

Walking back from the playground.  You know your kid had fun at the park in the morning when the bum of her pajamas was practically black!!

Finally we get to Santa's Village.  Feeding the reindeer

Some of the kids really liked Santa......

And some, not so much.....

Oh well, maybe next year!!!

She did love her elf hat though, wanted to wear it all day!

Finally around 3:00, Grace just couldn't hold out any longer.....

A great shot of all the kids

But this shot was even funnier!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

More Birthday Fun!

Well, "birthday month" is almost over.  Here is the final birthday post!  Grace and I hosted a family BBQ on Sunday.  Lots of food, lots of fun and of course... lots of Barney!!!
Picking the last of the raspberries from the back yard.  She LOVES raspberries!!!

What's a party without bubbles??!

Guess who showed up to the party??

Grace decided to help Barney hand out the popcorn this time

She got a little braver by day two!!!  I think I actually see a smile on her face!

 Little K-man was eager to give Barney a hug, so cute!

And then all the cousins lined up to say hi to Barney and give him a hug.  They acted like they weren't interested but I'm thinking different!!!

Sunday was my brother Bill's actual birthday so Grace presented him with a cupcake and candle while we sang

The two young ones shared a tender moment on the deck each eating their own ice cream cone.  They are so lucky to have each other since all the other cousins are so much older.

Our neighbours Dan and Erna joined us for cake and coffee

 And then we had an unexpected guest show up!  My nephew M. drove from Toronto for the party.  He's living several hours away now but was in Toronto all week doing a show at the Ex.  How wonderful it was to see him!!!!

Grace received a lacrosse stick from her aunt Carolyn and family.  Now we just need to get one of her cousins that actually play the game to teach Grace.

Grace loved all of her gifts, including the new scooter, but her favourite I think was when she opened up Baby Bop.  Baby Bop is a character from Barney and it is definitely her favourite.  We could hardly get her to part with Baby Bop to open the rest of the gifts!