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Monday, July 21, 2014

Grace's Park

Grace's park.  That's what she calls it.  I call it amazing!  Every time Grace visits her little friend L. they go out to her backyard and play on the equipment. L. has swings, a hammock, a trampoline and a climbing structure with a slide.  She calls it L's park.
Now Grace has her own park!
We are so lucky to have a fantastic Grandma and Grandpa who picked out a wonderful play structure for our backyard.  
We woke up early one morning to find several boxes had been dropped off in our backyard the night before.  That night, Grandpa and Grandma came by to help us choose the spot to build. 
Then Friday morning came:  building day!  We woke up early and took some pictures of Grandpa getting started before heading off to daycare and school.  All day at work I could hardly concentrate, thinking about Grace and her reaction when she first lays sight on her new "park."  I picked her up and told her we had a surprise at home.  When we got there and went around the back, she went crazy!!  She must have climbed the ladder and slid down the slide 10 times in a row!!!
What a lucky girl!!!
Helping Grandpa get started

Grace studying the plans..... in French!!!LOL

Resting after all the hard work!!

Here I go again Mommy!  Watch this!
Those are safety goggles she has on! Safety first!!
Hey Grandpa!  Come on up!


And this is how she ended her day with the new park!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oh Canada!

Canada Day 2014.  It was a hot day and Grace and I spent the day at a local Fun Farm.  It was free admission for the day and the crowds were big but we had a great time.  We met up with some friends and the kids enjoyed looking at the animals.  They tried out the climbing structures, the bikes, slides and of course Grace loved the live music.  She would have been happy to sit on those bleachers all day and listen to the band play cover songs of old country and western songs.  But then she saw the "trampoline"... Grace LOVED the huge air bag, she kept calling it the "trampoline"  and really I suppose it was a trampoline.  She bounced all over it and when her time was up, got back in line to do it all over again!! 
The best moment however on the cuteness factor?  We were walking across the field, Grace supposedly following me.  I turned around and she wasn't there.  She was a few feet behind me, helping herself to some strawberries!!  The problem was, these were someone's strawberries that they had picked on their own out in the field.  We all got a good laugh and they were very good natured about it.  What a monkey!

My girl who used to be very afraid of any animal is starting to warm up to them!!!!

These strawberries are good Mommy.  Why didn't we get some?  Because I didn't want to drag a two year old around an open field in 35 degree weather, that's why Grace!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Yeah for Summer!

Today:  hot summer weather, breakfast on the deck, swimming outdoors, eating snacks on the grass, playing at the park.  Ribfest for dinner, ice cream for dessert and driving home with the windows and the moon roof open.  Life just doesn't get much better than that!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Teddy Bear Clinic

Grace attended a Teddy Bear clinic at our local hospital recently.  The doctors volunteer their time to meet with children, give their favourite animals and dolls a check up and in the process help children feel less nervous about going to the doctor.  Grace brought Barney to get checked out by the doctor and he was amazing.  She started out her usual shy and apprehensive self but quickly warmed up to the doctor and the hospital room surroundings.  I hope we never need to experience a hospital stay for real but I'm glad she will have some understanding of what might go on.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Toronto Zoo

A recent trip to the Toronto Zoo with friends.  These photos are actually from back in the spring but trust me, she hasn't changed that much!!!LOL

The new Panda exhibit was great.  Reminded me of our visit to the Beijing Zoo

Grace enjoyed the Beaver Tails a lot!!

Best friends 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

I'm Back!!!!!

I'm back!! 
Finally I had the chance to do some serious computer shopping and for my birthday treated myself to a new laptop.  It feels good to be connected with the world once again.  I've always bragged that I'm not a "computer person"  and really I'm not, but I certainly have missed my internet connection this past 6 weeks.  I have many posts to share and it's going to take me a while to catch up but I will get one published as soon as I figure out how to get photos loaded onto this new thing!!!LOL


P.S.  Grace's latest cute saying.... after anything she is given or anything I offer her, she says "For me????"  with a huge question inflection at the end of it, like I've done the biggest favour in the world for her.  She then ends the conversation with " Thank you Mommy."
Ex. "Grace, come get in your chair, lunch is ready.  I made noodles."
"For me????  Thank you Mommy!"  :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Father's Day.  How to celebrate when you are a single mom?  Always a tough question, always a challenge, but for me, we search out the next best thing..... Grandpa!!!!  

Grace and I are so lucky to have my dad so close by for her to celebrate Father's Day with in a meaningful way.  I know it will get harder each year as Grace becomes more and more aware of the fact that we are a two person family, just her and I, but for now I am thankful to both my dad and a good friend Brian, as well as my brother, brother in laws and her older cousins who give her so many positive male role models she needs to grow up into a well rounded person. 

Her babysitter was so kind as well, helping make a special gift and card for Grandpa, very thoughtful of her!

Here are a few pics from yesterday's festivities!

ps.  Still no computer at home, I will try to catch up once  I have a new computer this summer.  I have lots of posts ready to go!

They are all looking so grown-up now

Some might call this dangerous.  Grace likes to call it adventurous!!

The K-man helping Grandpa open his gift

Grace and I spent some time over the last week taking pictures to make a gift for Grandpa.  She calls him Poppa, not because that's what we call Grandpas in our family but because she can't quite say Grandpa yet.  Thank Goodness, as it was challenging enough getting her to pose for these five letters!!!  It's a bit difficult to see, but each one is taken in a place that either Grandpa or Grace enjoys - her slide, her car, the flower garden, the red chair that Grandpa made for our garden.

"Let me help you Grandpa!!"

Grace made a special rock for Grandpa at daycare.  She painted it and wrote "Grandpa rocks!" on it.  Here she is explaining the whole process to Grandpa!!LOL

The K-man would have nothing to do with picture taking yesterday, not even with his dad!
See below!!LOL

HUGS! <3

Finally a great picture of K-man and Grandpa, except for Grace photo-bombing!!!!!

Grace has nose kisses for all the people she loves.  There is no question she is "Grandpa's girl!"