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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dancing Queen

Grace had a GREAT time at her cousin's dance recital last weekend.  She is convinced she can "Highland Dance"  I haven't got it on video quite yet but when I do, look out!  You're sure to be entertained!  In the meantime, here's my little Diva busting a move at the Caleigh after-party (forgotten the spelling of Caleigh once again!!)



Grace idolizes her older cousin!

I love this photo!  I remember so fondly my niece when she was only three.  It feels like yesterday and now here she is going off to university


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Busy Weekends

Sorry to be neglectful of my writing but these past few weekends have been busy.  May and June are always busy, trying to get the gardens done, work events, family birthdays and trying to fit in a little fun outside in the finally warm weather.  I finally got my the last of my backyard furniture out and organized this weekend, that's how busy it's been.  Here's just a few of the things we've been up to in the last couple of weeks. 
Two weekends ago my dad performed with his Barbershop singing group.  Grace and I went.  The concert was going to be long, two and a half hours.  I really wasn't entirely sure how Grace would handle it.  I brought snacks, I brought books, I brought a few silent toys, paper and crayons and then I just hoped for the best.  She was excited to go, really wanted to go, but two and a half hours sitting still and quiet in a church?  That would be a challenge for any kid!
With only one short break walking around outside, Grace loved the concert!  She loves music and had a great time watching Grandpa up on the stage.  The concert was great, the men sounded wonderful and ever since, Grace has been asking when we can go hear Grandpa sing again.  That girl surprises me every day! 

Everybody has to do their share during planting season!!

There is a Barney episode where the characters fix up a bike.  Grace has been fixing this bike for weeks now.  She gets out her tools, her rag, and sings the song from the show, fixing and cleaning the bike over and over.  Oh how Barney writes our daily life!!! 
More weekend adventures to come soon! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The K-Man is 3!

Birthday fun!  Grace's cousin, the K-man is 3!!!  I feel so lucky for Grace that she has a little cousin her age.  All of her other cousins are much much older than her, we live in a neighbourhood that is mostly made up of older couples and grown up families, and unfortunately families are busy these days and we don't get to socialize with the few friends I have who also have young kids.  So to have a cousin her age is precious, especially when he is as cute as this!   
He had a dinosaur theme which was too cute.  When we arrived the dinos were all sitting at the kids' table, ready for cake.  The kids had a great time playing at the water centre, swimming, making bubbles and just running around.
And of course for a weekend that was supposed to be rainy off and on every day.... it turned out pretty nice!

How many of us remember sitting at the "kids' table??"lol

Yummy dinosaur cake!

It's always a good birthday when you get a present bigger than you are!!!  Grace just couldn't help herself from helping him!LOL

Getting a kiss from his other grandma, sweet!

"What's so funny??  Just taking the dinosaurs for a wagon ride in my pajamas."

They also wanted a little ride on the golf cart.  They're fun loving dinosaurs!!!

Don't all good parties end this way?????!  :)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Mother's Day 2015.  The forecast for the day did not look promising, showers off and on, cool, cloudy.  Not my choice for weather and I love being outside, so hearing a forecast like that can put a damper on my spirits.  The day started out just like that, got great in the middle and then ended just like they said, with a big downpour! 
However the highlights as always were time with family, great meals and watching Grace get up to all her antics!  I thank God, not often enough, that I have been blessed with such a spunky, beautiful little girl.  She has a personality as big as a house and a heart to match it!  I feel blessed and honoured to be the one chosen to take care of her.  Some days I do a better job than other days but my love and in the end my commitment to her never changes.  Every Mother's Day I'm reminded of a quote by Jody Landers.  "A child born to another mother calls me mom.  The depth of that tragedy and the magnitude of that privilege are not lost on me"
So, to get on with more light-hearted thoughts... here are the highlights!
Started the day with church.  We went to a church close to my school so when we arrived I was greeted with lots of young smiling faces of my students.  The entrance procession was just about to start so I stuck Grace in the line and hoped for the best.  The children were supposed to bring up flowers for Mary and then return to their seats.  I stood waiting while Grace confidently went up to the altar with her carnation.  I lost sight of her for only a few seconds but I wasn't worried.  I had paired her up with one of my grade 4 students so was confident that the student, F, would return her to me.  That's about when I saw F. walking back to her parents sans Grace!  So here I was, standing in the aisle, trying to wave to F. discretely and get her attention, hands up in the air like "Where is she??" when who should start walking up the aisle from the back of the church?  My monkey!  She had done it all by herself, gone back to where she started and was wandering up the aisle looking for us! 
Later on during the Mass, Father calls the young children up and hands out flowers to be given to all the mothers in the church.  So up she went again.  She was supposed to come back with one or two flowers, maybe one for me and Grandma or Carolyn, at the most.  Grace walked proudly down the aisle, fistful of flowers in her hand, proclaiming in her happy loud voice "Mommy, I got lots!!!"  A small wave of smiles and quiet chuckles spread throughout the congregation and there she was, my front and centre girl holding up a big bouquet of carnations, trying to scramble over Grandpa to get back into the pew!  Never a dull moment with this kid!
After Mass, we stayed for coffee and donuts, Grace had her share, and then headed out to Grandma and Grandpa's for a visit.  The rest of the weekend was less eventful but just as fun, playing outside with the cousins, BBQ, a swim and of course the traditional picture taking moments.
Here's Grace preparing Grandma's gift.  She totally enjoyed painting Grandma's hand, even if Grandma didn't!

 Even more though, she enjoyed chasing Grandpa with Grandma's blue painted hand!!!LOL

Taking a ride on Grandpa's Gator

Grace is proud to show off her "angry face" these days!  Not sure where she would ever get the idea for that!LOL

Sneaking a cookie break

Waving good-bye to Carolyn's family from the front porch

Goofing around with Grandma's gift

Loving her Daisy

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Barney Live!!!

As planned, Grace and I went to see Barney live last weekend.  She LOVED it!  As soon as we arrived at the stage, long before the show started, Grace looked at the set on stage and said "That's Barney's shed."  She thought for a moment then added, "Is Barney here?"  That's when that million dollar smile spread across her face and she clued in to what was about to happen (or so I thought).  Grace loved the show and as long as Barney didn't come too close she was right up there front and centre at the stage.  Barney performed twice at 11 and 1:00 and we enjoyed both performances equally.  Getting ready to head home, Grace looked up at me and said " Mommy when is the surprise?" Ha!
We ended the day with ice cream for her and coffee for me on a nice quiet drive home while Grace napped better than she has in months! 

It was harder than you might think to get Grace to look at the camera while Barney was performing!  Here is a great shot of her back!

I still can't figure out how to upload a video on my blog.  This is what always happens.  I get this short piece that just keeps repeating.  If there are any other bloggers reading that can help me out I would appreciate it greatly!  What you are supposed to see is Grace watching Barney from her place near the stage, enjoying it greatly.  However, every time Barney comes close to her she comes running back to me!  It was hilarious to watch, I wish I could share it! 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Barney Bound!

So so excited!!  I'm taking Grace to see Barney live tomorrow at the Baby and Toddler show.  I kept it a secret from her and can't wait to see her reaction tomorrow.
Truth be known, I only found out about it today.  I knew the show was on but had no real intention of going.  I went once before Grace came along, had a great time, came home with lots of freebies and wrote a post about it some time back in April 2012.  However, when I heard that Barney was performing, I hooted out loud right in the car as I was driving!!!  I know the show will only be half an hour or whatever, but really, Barney does not do concerts anymore and the admission price for the trade show will be the cheapest "Barney" thing I've ever paid for so I see it as a win!
I'll post pics and the story later this weekend.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Happenings

Coming off of a somewhat difficult week with Grace. Late nights, grumpy mornings and a bit of busy running around on my part. 
I read somewhere that whining peaks around age 3-4 and well let's just say, at 3.5 years old, I hope she is hitting the peak!!! 
So today we went to the mall for our photo session.  Not an overly successful session, Grace hadn't really napped and it showed. Smiles just weren't on her radar today and even though we got a few cute shots (which I will post in a couple of weeks when I pick them up) I finally decided to just give up.   I had promised her a play at the play place, a little kids' area with climbing structures, etc.  We get out of Sears and went to where I know the play place is located and poof!  It's gone!  It has been taken out, replaced by some lounge chairs. 
Melt down # 7 of the day ensued while I quickly decided what to do.  A ride on the escalator was a sad second but it got us to the door to the parking lot.  From there we headed towards home.  Driving along, I remembered the McDonalds on the way, a McDonalds with a big bold sign on top PLAY PLACE. 
It was already 6:00. Did I really want to do this on a Sunday night??  No, I really wanted to just get home, get pajamas on, maybe fill up on a bowl of cheerios and be done with the day.  I pulled into the parking lot, Grace spied the tunnel slide and just about jumped out of her skin!  
Grace: "Mommy, are we going to Old McDonald's??" 
Me:  " I guess so"
Grace:  " YEAH!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!!"

And that's what makes it all worthwhile!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Look Out Kindergarten!

Well, I finally did it.  I stopped by our home school this morning and registered Grace for kindergarten.  Where has the time gone?  It feels like yesterday that she was holding my fingers while she took her first steps and now here she is getting ready to take her biggest step yet. 
Left up to Grace, she would be going tomorrow, she can't wait!  Me, I just wonder when I blinked and two and a half years went by.  Time, please slow down!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Happy Easter!

Sorry for the little break in blogging, we've had a busy/ hectic couple of weeks.  Grace had some major dental work which slowed us down a bit, work is busy, trying to get my taxes done, register Grace for school, appointments, colds and flu, you know, the usual things that cause people to put their more pleasurable hobbies on hold! 
So anyways, it's been a couple of weeks but I'm back so Happy Easter!  Grace was feeling under the weather the whole weekend and so really we stayed a little low key.  She wasn't her usual happy self and as a result neither was I!LOL  I didn't even get a shot of her in her beautiful Easter dress.  I will though, just be patient!  I will post again then! 
We still managed to have a bit of fun though, dying Easter eggs, swimming and riding bikes and doing crafts at Grandma and Grandpa's.  Nothing like the sticky marshmallow nests from last year (check out the post to see Grace and her cousin covered head to toe with melted marshmallows!)  but fun just the same!

Good Friday started with an emergency trip to the dentist to deal with some complications from her dental surgery, not fun but we stopped at the big park on the way home and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Saturday was music class and dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's, Sunday church and a great dinner with family.  Monday was a beautiful day again and we just hung out at home and the school park.

colouring eggs fun

Getting things ready for the big visit from the Easter bunny!

Easter crafts with the cousins

That Easter bunny knows my Grace so well!  Look he brought all her favourites!

Look who showed up Easter morning on our back deck.  Grace was absolutely convinced it was the real thing!

Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's

To really "get into" a puzzle it is necessary to sit on the table....true fact.

Sharing yummy treats with Mommy